An update, Virtual Expressing Motherhood, and ableism

I am back to updating the website after a long hiatus. After my 2019 inaugural Expressing Motherhood show, I took what was to be a short break from writing, to focus more time and energy on my PT career. I took some excellent continuing education courses on pain, Parkinson’s disease, and motor learning, and also started a new job at an outpatient, neurologic clinic. Then the pandemic hit, so I (along with most other outpatient healthcare providers) got a crash course in telemedicine.

Expressing Motherhood brought me out of my writing lull. In the fall of 2020, I submitted a piece for a virtual show, and was able to perform it on Zoom in Dec 2020! I also submitted a piece for the April 2021 show, and was honored to be able to share it “live” on Zoom a week ago! The Dec 2020 show is available on YouTube, and the April 2021 show will become available soon.

While it’s been nice to get back into writing, I feel a definite conflict between sharing my parenting experiences and respecting the privacy of my son who is almost 6 years old. He’s not my tiny baby anymore, and his experiences are his to tell, if and when he is ready.

I’m also experiencing a shift in my mindset about many topics I used to write about. For one, I do not wish to identify as a “special needs advocate” anymore, as my current belief is that “special needs” are really just “needs.” I’m learning about my own internalized ableism, and as best as I can, trying to do better as I learn more.

Moving forward, I hope to publish some of the social stories I’ve written for my son over the years. They have helped him with big feelings and tough transitions, so I may work to get my stories out there for others to enjoy. Stay tuned for that!

Expressing Motherhood

Expressing Motherhood show (April 28, 30, and May 1) was an amazing experience! It was such an honor sharing the stage with the other performers, and telling my story to different audiences. I’m truly grateful for the experience, and hope to do it again some day!

To all my friends and family who were able to come, thank you so much for your support!

If you were unable to be there, and are interested in hearing it, my story is now available on Expressing Motherhood’s podcast! Simply search for “Expressing Motherhood” on iTunes or Spotify podcasts, and scroll down a bit until you see my name!