An update, Virtual Expressing Motherhood, and ableism

I am back to updating the website after a long hiatus. After my 2019 inaugural Expressing Motherhood show, I took what was to be a short break from writing, to focus more time and energy on my PT career. I took some excellent continuing education courses on pain, Parkinson’s disease, and motor learning, and also started a new job at an outpatient, neurologic clinic. Then the pandemic hit, so I (along with most other outpatient healthcare providers) got a crash course in telemedicine.

Expressing Motherhood brought me out of my writing lull. In the fall of 2020, I submitted a piece for a virtual show, and was able to perform it on Zoom in Dec 2020! I also submitted a piece for the April 2021 show, and was honored to be able to share it “live” on Zoom a week ago! The Dec 2020 show is available on YouTube, and the April 2021 show will become available soon.

While it’s been nice to get back into writing, I feel a definite conflict between sharing my parenting experiences and respecting the privacy of my son who is almost 6 years old. He’s not my tiny baby anymore, and his experiences are his to tell, if and when he is ready.

I’m also experiencing a shift in my mindset about many topics I used to write about. For one, I do not wish to identify as a “special needs advocate” anymore, as my current belief is that “special needs” are really just “needs.” I’m learning about my own internalized ableism, and as best as I can, trying to do better as I learn more.

Moving forward, I hope to publish some of the social stories I’ve written for my son over the years. They have helped him with big feelings and tough transitions, so I may work to get my stories out there for others to enjoy. Stay tuned for that!